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Environmental Policy

The team at The Rose Hotel have undertaken vigorous training to implement an environmental management system and reduce the hotel’s carbon emissions. 

We have achieved this through the 50 Shades Greener method, which has helped us:

1. Measure – The hotel’s utilities including waste, water and energy.

2. Observation - Of the hotel’s building and our staff’s behavior around utility usage.

3. Implementation - Whereby the Green Action Plan devised by the green team is put into effect.

4. Monitoring & Reporting - After reducing the hotel’s carbon emissions, the business is committed to monitoring this on a monthly basis.

We are now an approved Green Business!

green business approved 002

However, our Green Journey is not over yet...we now have a green team that meets regularly to consistently conceive of different ways we can take our journey further. Our mission statement is as follows: 

 The Rose Hotel is committed to continually strive to create a more sustainable operation through the consistent reduction

of our carbon footprint on a yearly basis. 

We actively aim to reduce our waste including; landfill and food waste and to consistently better our achievements year on year.

Energy reduction and savings through the efficient monitoring of our lighting, equipment and heating system is forefront in the business priorities.

Water conservation is a vital part of our daily operations and through the successful observation of staff and customer behavior; we have been able to implement processes which ensure our water consumption is reduced.

Our achievements to date: 

• LED lighting: we have replaced 95% of the lighting, to led lights.

• Rain water harvesting: we have installed a rain harvesting system to collect rain which in turn we use in our water irrigation system for our external flower beds and plants.

• Water conversation restrictors have been put into the showers, reducing water consumption by 33% per minute. We have reduced water in the toilets use by installing eco flushes in bedrooms, and aerators have been installed on all bedroom taps.

 • Seals have been replaced on all external windows, requiring less energy on heating.

  • Sensor lighting has been fitted to our underground car park, reducing our electricity wattage. Plans are in place to also have sensor lighting fitted in all back of house pantries and stores over the next year. 

·         We have partnered up with Farranfore Garden Centre to recycle our coffee grinds. They will give the packs of sealed coffee grinds to their customers for adding to their mulch piles and to add to their garden as fertiliser, our goal is to recycle in excess of 1.5 tonnes of coffee into Kerry gardens in 2022.


·         We carried out a full energy audit with SEAI and are implementing changes monthly based on their findings.